Sitz Bath

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Sitz Bath offers comfort and soothing relief for ‘hemmies’ and other pregnancy and postpartum discomforts. Composed of a proprietary blend of sea salt, aloe vera, comfrey, white oak bark, yarrow flower, witch hazel, and calendula petals, this gentle mix promotes healing and relaxation without any chemical fragrance, fillers, or additives.

Sea Salt, Aloe Vera (Leaf), Comfrey (Leaf), White Oak Bark (Bark), Yarrow (Flower), Witch Hazel (Leaf), and Calendula (Petal)
Use 2 teaspoons of dried herbs per one cup of warm water to make a tea. Add four cups of the warm tea to a commercial sitz bath or bowl. Place on a toilet seat. Soak the bottom in warm tea for 15 to 20 minutes. Use as needed.
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Soothe Away Discomfort

Experiencing 'hemmies' during pregnancy is not unusual. This discomfort comes from increased blood flow in veins and the pressure from a growing baby. Engaging in a sitz bath ritual offers more than just self-care and rejuvenation: a sitz bath supports a healthy bottom! The herbal blend in Sitz Bath has been used by mothers for centuries to support the body's natural healing process.

Aloe Vera cools skin and soothes discomfort.

Comfrey aids in tissue repair and regeneration.

Sea salt acts as a gentle cleanser, helping to promote healing.

Sitz Bath contains zero chemical fragrance, fillers, or additives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No bathtub? No problem! Sitz Bath can be used to create an herbal tea that can be put into any spray bottle and used as a topical on the area of discomfort. The tea can also be used to make padsicles or added to a sitz bath..

Sitz Bath is a unique blend of carefully selected ingredients known for their soothing and healing properties. Sea salt acts as a gentle cleanser, helping to promote cleanliness. Aloe vera, known for its soothing effects, works to calm and cool irritated skin, while comfrey aids in tissue repair and regeneration. White oak bark, yarrow flower, witch hazel, and calendula petals work together to promote a healthy inflammatory response and nurture the body. .

Many natural ways to reduce the discomfort from ‘hemmies’ exist. For example, make sure to eat a healthy diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, and fiber to avoid dry stools and difficult bowel movements. Also, try using a donut pillow to help take pressure off the area when sitting, or apply cold or warm therapy to help ease discomfort..

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