Holistic Care Kit

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Discover the healing power of nature! Our Holistic Care Kit contains herbal essentials for the whole family to use. With First Response Cream, Comfrey+ Salve, Bone & Body Salve and Actidraw Charcoal Herbal Salve – you can stop worrying about skin concerns and focus on having fun during your outdoor adventures.

See individual label on each product.
See individual label on each product.
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Herbal Products for Outdoor Adventures

Don't let skin concerns ruin your outdoor adventures! Many skincare products contain harmful chemicals that aren't good for your health. Luckily with Sprigs products, you don't need to worry about that. Our gentle herbal salves are made with all natural ingredients that work with your body. They soothe away discomfort and nourish your skin, so you can enjoy the outdoors without any distractions!

*Bone & Body Salve is handcrafted with herbs like Solomon's Seal Root, Lobelia and Calendula Flowers to help support your muscles and tendons and aid in recovery after a long day of hard work or play.

*Actidraw Herbal Charcoal Salve is a traditional Black Salve made with Comfrey, Goldenseal, Plantain, Lobelia and more. This combination can be applied to the skin as often as desired to act as a drawing agent.

*Comfrey+ Salve contains Comfrey, along with herbs like Black Walnut Hull, Lavender, and Calendula to work as a natural moisturizer for all skin types and soothe discomfort.

*First Response Cream is made with Honeysuckle, Plantain Leaf, Tea Tree Oil and Vitamin E Oil to help calm red spots and support your skin's natural healing process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

First Response Cream harnesses the power of Honeysuckle, Plantain Leaf, Tea Tree Oil, and Vitamin E Oil to provide numerous benefits for your skin. These ingredients work together to calm redness, promote a healthy inflammatory response, and support your skin's natural healing process. Honeysuckle and Plantain Leaf offer soothing properties, while Tea Tree Oil helps discourage unwanted invaders. Vitamin E Oil provides nourishment and helps to protect against environmental damage. .

Comfrey+ Salve is made with all natural ingredients like Comfrey, Black Walnut Hull, Lavender, Calendula, and Aloe to promote optimal skin health. Comfrey offers soothing and moisturizing properties. Black Walnut Hull encourages a healthy inflammatory response. Lavender provides calming effects. Calendula provides healing properties, assisting with knicks and bumps. Aloe helps to hydrate and nourish. .

Actidraw utilizes the remarkable properties of Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Beeswax, Comfrey, Pine Tar, Mullein Leaf and more to provide a multitude of benefits for your skin. This traditional drawing salve penetrates deeply to draw out anything that may cause skin discomfort. .

Bone & Body incorporates the powerful properties of all- natural herbs to support your body’s muscles and tendons and aid in recovery after a long day of hard work or play. This formula contains Lobelia, which supports a soothing action for muscle discomfort. It also contains Horsetail Grass which is rich in silica. Silica is important for collagen formation. Peppermint provides a refreshing and cooling sensation to soothe the skin. .

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