The Ultimate Pregnancy & Postpartum Bundle

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Are you searching for the perfect gift for a special mom-to-be or a new mother? Look no further than our Ultimate Pregnancy & Postpartum Bundle! This all in one box includes our top selling nutrition and herbal supplements to support women during pregnancy and postpartum.

What's Included:

  • Mama Bear Prenatal
  • Mama Bear Magnesium Complex
  • Mama Bear Pregnancy Tea
  • Belly Balm
  • Lacti-Milk
  • Postnatal Releaf
  • Postnatal Bath Mix
See individual label on each product.
See individual label on each product.
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The Perfect Gift For New & Expecting Mama's

Packed with all-natural supplements crafted from high quality nutrients and organic herbs, this bundle is designed to nourish, pamper, and support a healthier pregnancy and postpartum journey. Make this holiday season extra special with the gift of well-being.

Mama Bear Prenatal, Magnesium Complex, and Pregnancy Tea provide nourishment for mama and baby

Belly Balm has a relaxing lavender scent and hydrates the skin through every trimester

Lacti-Milk supports a healthy milk supply and is a staple for breastfeeding mamas

Postnatal Bath Mix and Postnatal Releaf provide comfort and healing after birth

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mama Bear Prenatal is not your average prenatal! It's made with easy-to-digest, high quality nutrients along with whole food ingredients and trace minerals⁠. It contains ginger and chamomile to offset morning queasiness*⁠, provides 800 mcg of folate to support healthy early fetal development*⁠, includes herbs like red raspberry leaf to support and tone the uterus and has zero added sugars, dyes or fillers⁠. .

Mama Bear Magnesium Complex was intentionally crafted for pregnancy with four different forms of magnesium: magnesium glycinate, magnesium citrate, magnesium L-threonate, and elemental magnesium from ConcenTrace® Minerals. Magnesium glycinate promotes relaxation, supports restful sleep, enhances mood and cognitive function, and aids in muscle recovery. Magnesium citrate promotes healthy digestion, supports muscle relaxation and recovery, and aids in overall stress reduction. Magnesium L-threonate offers unique benefits by crossing the blood-brain barrier, supporting cognitive function, memory enhancement, and brain health. Elemental magnesium provides essential support for healthy energy production, muscle function, and bone strength.

Mama Bear Pregnancy Tea is rich in naturally occurring micronutrients and features one of our favorite herbs for pregnancy: red raspberry leaf. Used by midwives for thousands of years, red raspberry leaf helps to support the female reproductive system, balance hormones, and tone the uterus for childbirth. Mama Bear Pregnancy Tea also includes ginger and peppermint help soothe stomach discomfort and Wheatgrass and Nettles for extra nourishment. .

Belly Balm is specifically formulated to nourish and hydrate skin before, during, and after pregnancy. Packed with powerful herbs and soothing essential oils like lavender, geranium, and rosemary, Belly Balm provides support and moisture for dry skin and will leave skin feeling incredible. The non-greasy formula is easy to apply and made with healing ingredients like avocado oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, and aloe vera gel. Belly Balm is great for moms who are sensitive to strong smells and is 100% free of phthalates, parabens, petroleum, and artificial fragrances..

Lacti-Milk supports the healthy production of breastmilk in mothers who are nursing or pumping. Made with oatstraw herb in milky stage, this herbal tincture reduces occasional stress reactions which can have a serious toll on milk supply. This formula is fenugreek-free and contains galactagogue herbs like blessed thistle, nettle, and red raspberry leaf so mothers can rest easy knowing they have all-natural breastfeeding support on hand whenever needed. Most moms see a noticeable difference in milk supply within 48-72 hours. .

Postnatal Bath Mix is specifically formulated with wild crafted herbs like sea salt, uva ursi, goldenseal, comfrey, and shepherd's purse to support the body’s natural healing process. A warm herbal-infused bath within the first 24 hours after childbirth is a great way for a mother to soothe discomfort, relax, and bond with her baby. .

Postnatal Releaf was specifically formulated to replenish essential nutrients and ease occasional, mild discomfort as a woman’s body recovers from the birthing experience. Made with all-natural herbs like red raspberry leaf, black haw bark, blue cohosh, and motherwort herb, Postnatal Releaf supports healing so mama can focus on bonding with her newborn..