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Experiencing mild discomfort is common for most women after delivering a baby.  The uterus contracts from the size of a watermelon to the size of a peach! These after-birth contractions are temporary, but that does not make dealing with them any easier. Postnatal Releaf was specifically formulated to replenish essential nutrients and ease occasional, mild discomfort as a woman’s body recovers from the birthing experience. Made with all-natural herbs like red raspberry leaf, black haw bark, blue cohosh, and motherwort herb, Postnatal Releaf supports healing so mama can focus on bonding with her newborn.

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Black Haw (Bark), Cramp Bark (Bark), Blue Cohosh (Root), Red Raspberry (Leaf), and Motherwort Herb (Whole Herb), Vegetable Glycerine, Distilled Water, Grain Alcohol
Use 1 dropper full (0.9ml) 3 times daily after childbirth. Often used immediately following birth and while breastfeeding.
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Relief From After-Birth Discomfort

After giving birth, lots of changes happen in a woman’s body. Discharge continues to release tissue and fluid, the uterus returns to pre-pregnancy size, and the oxytocin released from breastfeeding stimulates uterine contractions. With a first baby, the discomfort caused by these shifts may be minimal, but with multiple births, the discomfort tends to be more intense. Postnatal Releaf is an all natural way to calm occasional, mild discomfort as a woman’s body returns to normal. Mothers will not regret adding this to their postpartum kit!

Made to use in the first six weeks of postpartum

Eases the occasional, mild discomfort associated with birth*

Supports labor recovery with essential herbs like blue cohosh and black haw*

Helps to supply the body with essential vitamins and minerals that are naturally occurring in herbs like red raspberry leaf*

All-natural formula often used while nursing / breastfeeding

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many women start taking this formula immediately after birth to help prevent afterbirth discomfort. Though afterbirth discomfort should subside after two to six weeks, make sure to work with a health care provider to monitor the body’s recovery. .

In the 40+ weeks of pregnancy, the uterus grows 25 times larger than its original size. Post-birth contractions are part of the process which shrink the uterus within six weeks and also serve another important purpose: to narrow blood vessels in the uterus to prevent the body from losing too much blood after delivery. After delivery, the uterus weighs about 2 ½ pounds. By one week postpartum, the uterus is already half that size and by six weeks, only about 2 ounces. These uterine contractions may cause discomfort. .

Pair Postnatal Releaf with Mama Bear Pregnancy Tea and Postnatal Bath Mix. Mama Bear Pregnancy tea contains red raspberry leaf which has been used for centuries to help alleviate postpartum discomfort. Postnatal Bath Mix contains a special herbal blend to speed up the body’s healing journey..

Our products are crafted by hand in our FDA inspected facility. We give special care to every part of the production process, from initial ingredient sourcing to final testing and FDA compliance, to ensure that you are getting the best product available.

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