Kids Immuno-X

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Keep your child healthy all year long!  Formulated with organic herbs like echinacea and elder, this gentle blend supports a strong immune system so your child can defend and conquer whatever comes their way. 

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Organic Echinacea purpurea (Leaf, Stem), Organic European Elder (Flower), Organic Peppermint (Leaf), Organic Yarrow (Leaf) Other Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Distilled Water
40 lb. Child: Take 1 dropper 1-2 droppers (0.9-1.8mL) as needed. Adjust dosage up or down based on weight.
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Armor Up With Natural Defense

Children are frequently exposed to places and people, making them more prone to catching the ickies. When one child feels unwell, oftentimes the entire household starts to feel unwell. Protect and strengthen your family’s immune system with Kids Immuno-X. This blend contains organic herbs such as echinacea and elder, which support respiratory function and encourage a healthy inflammatory response. With natural ingredients directly from nature, you can trust that no one will have to skip a beat!

Supports a strong immune system all year long*

Crafted using organic herbs like echinacea and elder

Free of harmful additives, fillers, dyes, and preservatives

Delicious, sweet taste that even picky eaters love

Meet Dr. Mom

Frequently Asked Questions

Kids Immuno-X is designed to feed and strengthen the immune system. This formula contains organic herbs such as echinacea purpurea to support the immune system, peppermint, to provide a cooling sensation and calm the nervous system, yarrow to support head comfort and detox pathways, and elderflower which has been traditionally used for fighting off unwanted ickies. .

Most children report experiencing results from taking Kids Immuno-X immediately..

For a child weighing 40 pounds, take 1 - 2 droppers (0.9 - 1.8mL) as needed. Adjust the dosage up or down based on weight. Take at the first sign of feeling unwell or as preventative care. Kids Immuno-X works best when used for 2 weeks (weeks 1 and 2) then not used for the next 2 following weeks (weeks 3 and 4). This is recommended because the formula contains Echinacea, an herb that the body adapts to overtime. .

Kids Immuno-X is suitable for children of all ages, from infancy to adulthood. If you are an adult, we recommend using our adult Immuno-X formula..

Yes, Kids Immuno-X is suitable for vegetarians and vegans..

Our herbal tinctures and capsules do not need to be refrigerated and can be stored in a cupboard or pantry or any cool, dark place in your home. Although our products do not need to be refrigerated, we recommend keeping capsules and tinctures away from high temperatures to preserve their health benefits. All supplements may lose efficacy when exposed to light, heat, moisture, and dramatic temperature fluctuations..

Kids Immuno-X lasts 3-4 years..

Kids Immuno-X pairs well with our other immune support supplements including Kids Ear Cheer, Kids Calm Tummy, Pro-Fighter, and Kids Reg Ease..

Our products are crafted by hand in our FDA inspected facility. We give special care to every part of the production process, from initial ingredient sourcing to final testing and FDA compliance, to ensure that you are getting the best product available.

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