Kids Reg Ease

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If your child is experiencing occasional discomfort due to irregular bowel movements, then nature needs a gentle nudge in the right direction! This is when you need our Kids Reg Ease. Formulated with organic herbs like cascara bark, ginger, and aloe vera, this gentle blend encourages regular bowel movements, so that your child can feel their best.

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Organic Cascara (Bark), Organic Ginger (Rhizome), Organic Aloe Vera (Leaf), Organic Barberry (Root Bark), Organic Catnip (Leaf), Organic Fennel (Seed), Organic Licorice (Root), Organic Red Raspberry (Leaf), Organic Senna Herb (Pod) Other Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Distilled Water
40 lb. Child: Take 1 - 2 droppers (0.9 - 1.8mL) as needed. Adjust dosage up or down based on weight.
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Smooth Moves and Happy Bellies

Many factors can throw off your child’s bowel movements such as certain foods and inadequate hydration as well as changes in routine caused by travel and stress. Dealing with stools that are difficult to pass can be quite uncomfortable for your child. Although over-the-counter remedies may get things moving along, they often contain a variety of ingredients such as chemical dyes and preservatives. Kids Reg Ease, takes a different approach. Utilizing the power of all natural herbs, this formula helps the body productively eliminate waste without having to rush to the bathroom or deal with additional discomfort.

Supports regular bowel movements and a healthy digestive system*

Made with gentle herbs like cascara bark, ginger and aloe vera

Free of harmful additives, fillers, dyes, and preservatives

Delicious, sweet taste that even picky eaters love

Meet Dr. Mom

Frequently Asked Questions

Kids Reg Ease is designed to cleanse the bowels. This formula contains organic herbs like cascara bark to stimulate the colon, ginger and aloe to help soothe the digestive tract, and so much more..

Most children report having a bowel movement within 3-4 hours, but depending on the severity it may take as long as 12 hours to pass stool. .

For a child weighing 40 pounds, take 1 - 2 droppers (0.9 - 1.8mL) as needed. Adjust the dosage up or down based on weight. This formula can be taken on an ongoing basis if needed. If your child experiences loose stools, decrease the dosage..

This formula is suitable for children of all ages, from infancy to adulthood..

Yes. Kids Reg Ease is suitable for vegans and vegetarians..

Our herbal tinctures and capsules do not need to be refrigerated and can be stored in a cupboard or pantry or any cool, dark place in your home. Although our products do not need to be refrigerated, we recommend keeping tinctures and capsules away from high temperatures to preserve the health benefits. All supplements may lose efficacy when exposed to light, heat, moisture, and dramatic temperature fluctuations..

Kids Reg Ease lasts 3-4 years..

Kids Reg Ease pairs well with our other digestive support supplement including Babies Gripe Ease, Kids Calm Tummy, and Kids Daily Super Greens. .

Our products are crafted by hand in our FDA inspected facility. We give special care to every part of the production process, from initial ingredient sourcing to final testing and FDA compliance, to ensure that you are getting the best product available.

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