Meet Our Team

Education, Empowerment,
Confidence and Community.

That’s what matters most to the minds behind Sprigs. Our talented team is made up of storytellers, designers and creatives - all carrying out different roles but sharing the same passion for health and holistic living.


Co-Founder of Sprigs

Jonathan has over ten years of experience leading startups and building successful companies. Jonathan grew up in the holistic supplement industry and during his teen years was instrumental in launching multiple successful supplement retailers. Jonathan is husband to Nancy and a father of four beautiful children, who keep life interesting and full of surprises. He is passionate about health, nutrition, and raising children holistically. Jonathan enjoys the outdoors, woodworking, and is a hobbyist.


Co-Founder of Sprigs

Nancy is passionate about empowering women to create a positive impact in this world. Prior to co-founding Sprigs, Nancy was involved with helping scale small businesses. Nancy is a former trained ballet dancer and still very much has a passion about performing arts. Nancy is a mother of four beautiful children who she and her husband have recently begun homeschooling. When she’s not in front of her laptop, you can find her with her family, traveling, recording a YouTube episode, or at the beach.


Holistic Product Researcher / Purchaser

Ashlee is a functional nutritional therapist and Certified personal trainer specializing in holistic product research and helping women create freedom around food and movement. Ashlee works with women, in and out of the gym, by educating them on nutrition and mental health to empower women to live a life free of dis-ease and depression. She is the community leader for The RESTART program, where it’s her mission to help women remove guilt from eating forever. When she isn’t working, you can find her at her local CrossFit box, doing some yoga, or soaking up a warm day by the water with her german shepherd, Mel.


Lead Graphic Designer

Chelsea is a 6-time ADDY award-winning graphic designer with 10+ years professional experience in agency, non-profit, and freelance environments. She has the eye for color, typography, and layout and is an enneagram one. Chelsea has developed and designed brand-extending and cross-channel campaigns in various industries, including health, education, non-profit, coaching, entrepreneurial, and multiple Emmy-award winning production companies. She is also a musician and songwriter and is a self-proclaimed health supplement junkie. Working for Sprigs is a natural fit for this holistic mama. She has two little girls and homeschools her eldest. Chelsea and her family live in Lakeland, Florida and enjoy bonfires with friends and thrifting.


Mom-to-Mom Nutritional Community Manager

Natalie is a Functional Nutritional Therapist who specializes in finding the root cause of issues pertaining to chronic illnesses and hormonal dysfunctions. She is passionate about helping women make informed decisions and take control of their own health. When she is not working you can find her at her local CrossFit Gym working out or training female athletes going through the motherhood transition. She also loves cooking and revamping classic recipes into a more healthful version and spending time with her daughter and husband.


Sprigs Mom Community Manager

Continuing her degree in Advertising, Kiara has worked in marketing and graphic design since 2017. Starting as a designer in the University of Tampa’s Athletic Marketing department, and working her way to Event Coordinating Lead - she is not opposed to wearing many hats! Mainsail Artist winner and self proclaimed student of life, this print-over-digital lover can be found doodling in piles of sketchbooks, or tending to her ever-temperamental indoor garden in her downtime.


Advertising Marketing Representative

Joining Motherhood Magazine in August 2019, Julie has welcomed businesses to highlight their services and/or products to help raise a healthy family naturally. Since graduating from the College of Notre Dame with a Marketing Design degree, she has enjoyed promoting the arts, being a part of creative teams around the country and generating top sales for companies she believes in. When not working or sleeping, we can assume she is on her boat celebrating life with family and friends while exploring The Gulf of Mexico.


Video Content Creator

After graduating high school, Matty knew the typical college path wasn’t for him, so he decided to adventure out to California to explore. He later settled back in Lakeland Florida, his hometown, to discover his roots and find himself. He uncovered a natural talent for creating artistic shoots and breathtaking visuals. He began filming videos for fun and everyone fell in love with his content, so he began to shoot music videos, concerts, and advertising videos. Matty’s work in the field eventually brought him to Sprigs Life. In his free time Matty is a huge gym rat, pursues a healthy lifestyle, and believes in the power of finding healing in health and nutrition.


Holistic Nutrition Community Manager

As former professional track athlete, nutrition coach, and certified personal trainer, Jasmin specializes in helping people reach their fitness and nutrition goals. She always has had a passion for healthy eating and holistic living; however, it wasn't until she became a professional track athlete that she realized the importance of it. Jasmin then used her knowledge and experience in nutrition to excel in the sport of track and field. She later gained a sponsorship with Nike and became the 10th fastest 100-meter hurdler of all time. In her free time, you can find her listening to podcasts, reading personal development books, and finding ways to educate women on healthy living!


Social Content Writer

After graduating from the University of South Florida, Gina gave birth to her first daughter three months later and has been a barefoot, crunchy mama right from the start! A former personal trainer for women, you can often find Gina working out, reading books on health and fitness, or teaching mothers how to live holistically and find the root causes of their health concerns. She homeschools her two daughters, with frequent breaks to play with their ball python and hamster (not at the same time!), or to explore the backyard and local hiking trails.



A multi-passionate individual who has been working in the field of finance and accounting since she was eighteen years old, Esther joined the Sprigs Life team in 2013. She has an eye for detail and organization especially when it comes to numbers, data and finance systems. When she is not busy with data entry, account reconciliation and reporting, she can be found hard at work in her photography business creating gorgeous portraits, tending to her patio garden, or exploring the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii that she calls home.


Assistant Content Manager

Chelsea is currently a student working towards a certification in integrative nutrition. After battling chronic illness her whole life, she’s geared her passion to holistic health and wellness. She is an English major with a focus in editing. Combining her passion for health and editing is what led her to join the Sprigs team. When she’s not doing either of these two things, you can find her reading at the beach or tending to her plant babies. She’s an avid yogi and explorer.