About Us

We are activists for the idea that our bodies are designed to heal. Diseases are symptoms of poor health and can be healed by listening to the body and correcting the root cause.

“Holistic living includes mental and physical health—a balanced life.”

Jonathan Laudon | Co-founder of Sprigs

“The world we’re trying to create empowers people to create a community.”

Nancy Laudon | Co-founder of Sprigs

This is Who We Are

Holistic living is at the heart of what we do. Much like a sprig that needs sunlight to bloom, we believe that a healthy mind and body are essential for optimum growth. Our 100% all-natural herbal supplements empower you and your family to lead happy, wholesome lives.

Education, empowerment, confidence, and community are what matters most to us!

“We work hard to build a culture that values health and supports each other. We can’t help our community in ways we don’t help ourselves.”

Jonathan Laudon | Co-founder of Sprigs

Before they became business partners and parents, they were Nancy and Jonathan.

“When Anabelle was a year old, I started to realize the way I looked at health and parenting was because it’s what society told me to do—not because it was best for my child. With being a mom, every decision I made was because I had a reason...so I started to do my own research.”

Nancy Laudon | Co-founder of Sprigs

“I feel like we are in a place right now we’ve never seen before, where people are really interested in traditional medicine. They don’t trust the pharmaceutical medication the way they once did, they know that the food pyramid was created to support the corrupted food industry—we’re in this place where we can see the amount of misinformation we’ve been given. We want to help people discover their body's healing potential.”

jonathan Laudon | Co-founder of Sprigs

“The story of our company is not just about us, it’s about the world we want to create. A world where people who think differently about life and health can interact. Our products are just a sliver of that.”

jonathan Laudon | Co-founder of Sprigs

Whether you’re a mom beginning your first journey into pregnancy, or a parent who simply wants the healthiest choices for your little ones, we create with you in mind. We’re not just a community of like-minded people practicing healthier living. We’re a family, here to build a better future together.

Join us.